Sunday, 3 August 2014


Kia ora! This is my second week in Auckland now and I’m just getting used to the bus system day by day and I decided to quit writing poems and just enjoy the cozy time here to live like a Kiwi. Actually, I have found something exciting about AT System which is so advanced. What I mean is the HOP Card system. You just swipe your HOP Card when you get on board, and when you get off and swipe it again, the machine will deduct the certain travel expenses from your card. Yes, have you found what is amazing? Yes, the machine could identify how long you have traveled. From my point of view, the most likely technology which been used is LBS. So, well done, I’m really impressed about that.

In fact, this intelligent system is a part of Human–computer Interface. Interface, in my opinion, could be defined as that systems (or objects, or humans) use some functions supported by another system to operate information transportation, meantime, the systems (or objects, or humans) don’t need to know how it works to achieve certain functions. That’s just the beauty of Interface. I don’t have to know how the HOP Card Machine works and just enjoy the convenience of it.

By the way, about the future Google cars, apart from the optimistic atmosphere diffused in last class, I personally have a lit bit concern about it. Here’s the story, try to think about it: one night, you are pretty drunk after a party. You just start your Google car engine and it just drive by itself safely and considerable fast. You won’t make any troubles on your way at all. In fact, you are just the passenger and it is Google car that send you home. Well, the legal dilemma is that, have you broken the traffic laws already?

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