Sunday, 5 October 2014

WEEK 10: Warning: Webcams are everywhere!

The city of Auckland is colourful! Posters in the streets are sparkling! When I was out to take pictures this Friday, my idea is looking for the most common outdoor pictures in the city. Then I got these security warning signs, because almost every public facility has got one. All I need to do is simply walking along the streets, pressing the shutter from one store to another.

Obviously, the security market is booming here, as you can see how colourful the picture is. As a matter of fact, most of the security systems in China are running by the police. 

Well, admittedly, the good news here is that I only met the policemen twice in the past seventy-eight days since I came to the city. Indeed, these warning signs really kick in!

Well, here comes my doubt: Are these security companies themselves safe enough? I mean, what if they are attacked by hackers, or Edward Snowden, or John Key? Sorry to mention that: as a foreigner from Asia, I was quite confident about the public and personal safety in NZ before I came here. Then I happened to read some pieces of news related to the surveillance issues that really baffled me. Just Before I write this blog, I managed to find this interesting website:, which claims to have tens of thousands of online cameras all over the world. (The US got 9323 cameras and NZ only has 78 here fortunately.) I have to say that I really can’t imagine how many other similar websites exist and it really bothers me.

So bros, next time when you read these “warning”s, why not give them a second thought?

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